Do you have a unique property located in a great neighborhood, close to nature or nightlife, and near a military base?  Tired of AirBnB and endless hours spent hosting and overseeing guest and property managers?  Let us lend a helping hand and get your life back!

Fox 3 Lodging has become the go-to, trusted site connecting traveling (TDY) military members with long term furnished housing.   We are the perfect medium to keep your property rented hassle free!  Military members on travel orders are great guest and pay upfront so there is never a question about receiving payment.  The rules and regulations required by the Department of Defense (DoD) for military members on travel orders are bureaucratic and overwhelming.  We specialized in following those regulations and guarantee not only that our military members will be paid by the DoD, but that you will be paid by Fox 3 CrashPads.  It’s a win for everyone!

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