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Fox 3 Lodging LLC, is a veteran owned small business. Fox 3 Lodging was formally incorporated in early 2023 in the state of Florida, but has been business since 2021 helping military officers secure long term furnished housing. We have a PERFECT, 100% track record, of Fox 3 Lodging hosts reimbursed for hosting our military clients and Department of Defense contractors.  Our goal is simple: to place outstanding, responsible military members in your property while ensuring the minimal of wear and tear.  Military members make great tenants and offer un-paralleled peace of mind for property owners and hosts looking for a high caliber and responsible, long term guest to take care of their property.  Our clients lodging expenses are paid and backed by the U.S. government.

At Fox 3 Lodging all agreements, signatures, and payments, are handled electronically through our secure online portal with our partners at TenantCloud.  Because your reservation is managed on “the cloud,” you always have instant access to agreements, invoices, and messages through our website or APP.  If you don’t like the idea of being part of our network, we can still send you secured electronic agreements directly to your email. Sending payments via Zelle, Venmo, or a direct bank transfer are second nature to us!

We offer the ideal peace of mind property owners and hosts are looking for everyday around the country. To find long term, responsible guests, who will pay on time, take care of the property, and stay for 3 to 6 months or longer. Avoiding breaks in vacancy is the name of the game.  You might think this is to good to be true, but this is the norm with partnering with our company and clients.  We offer a professional booking experience where you will always talk to a real team member.

Absolutely, ZERO cost to you, as the owner or property manager. Our clients pay our fees, which means more money back in your pocket. Unlike companies like AirBnb and VRBO, that charge fees to both property owners and guests alike, with Fox 3 Lodging the rental amount you set is what you will receive.

Our clients will always pay your refundable security deposit. We simply act as a medium to transfer that deposit from our client to you as the host before the rental period begins. After the rental period is complete you will return the deposit directly to our client.  If you have to make a claim on the deposit, you will coordinate with our client and follow applicable State, Landlord and Tenant statues, for long term tenants.

Fox 3 Lodging will pay your agreed upon cleaning and other fees prior to our client moving into your property. You can have peace of mind that those fees are paid upfront. Fox 3 Lodging pays these fees on behalf of our hosted client.

Fox 3 Lodging will ensure and pre-pay your agreed upon monthly rent no later than the 28th of each month. If the rental period starts or ends on an partial month, Fox 3 lodging will pro-rate the rent. The first month’s pro-rated rent will always be paid prior to our client moving in.  Fox 3 Lodging pays the montly rental amount on behalf of our hosted client.

Absolutely! Our team will ensure that your agreement is signed by our military member client prior to the move-in date. We understand every Host has unique requirements and we are onboard to help assist with the agreements.

This is rare, but sometimes a military member might complete training slightly earlier than an agreed upon end date. Under U.S. law, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Fox 3 Lodging as well as property owners or hosts are required to release military members from rental agreements without penalty. Fox 3 Lodging, will pro-rate the monthly rent (based on agreed monthly rent) based on actual days stayed and the Owner will refund the remaining amount to Fox 3 Lodging.  Owner will refund security deposit (minus any damages) to the Guest.  Please reference SCRA for more information.

Sometimes our clients’ training runs long, so you might be asked to accommodate a change in the rental period end date. Usually our clients will know at least 6+ weeks prior to the rental end date if they need to extend. If you have the availability and our happy with the experience Fox 3 Lodging has provided, we would love for you to continue to host our client!  However, it is entirely up to you.  You are only required to host our client for the agreed upon date.  If you have another booking through another website or company, we will find alternate lodging for our client.

If you decide to host one of our clients’ Fox 3 Lodging will send you our working agreement for you to review and digitally sign. This agreement will allow you to host our client during the agreed upon rental period. You are free to continue to rent your property before and after the rental period agreed upon with Fox 3 Lodging. After signing the agreement, we will transfer our client’s deposit to you in order to secure the reservation. Additionally, we will formally connect you directly with our client so you can communicate directly about your property details and welcome instructions.

No. Fox 3 Lodging only provides a service that connects military members with property owners and hosts. Hosts and Owners are required to manage their respective property in accordance with state and local directives for Fox 3 Lodging clients.

No. The contract length you sign with Fox 3 Lodging will exactly match the rental period to host our client. You are free to rent your property before and after this period.  If we have another client arriving after the first, we will reach out to you host, but you are under no obligation to continue to host our clients.  This gives property owners and hosts the ultimate flexible to manage their schedule.

No, at Fox 3 CrashPads you will never have any out-of-pocket expenses! Cleaning costs, pet fees, application fees, renters insurance… expenses can add up quickly.  We guarantee you will pay none of these and have ZERO out of pocket expenses and ZERO non-reimbursed DTS expenses. We know the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) inside and out and love to educate service members on how to be reimbursed for their military lodging expenses through DTS.

If your orders are cancelled, we will refund your security deposit in full.

We understand that military orders can change. We will adjust your rental dates accordingly and ensure you are not charged for nights you do not need. We follow the Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA) which ensures you are protected when renting a Fox 3 CrashPads property. Additionally, we go above and beyond by offering a money back guarantee.

If your TDY runs long or is extended, we will accommodate your extended stay and adjust your booking to cover the additional time required.

Yes, we accept the GTC for your convenience and highly recommend it.

Absolutely, we provide itemized receipts that comply with all JTR and DTS requirements. We will not annotate an expense that can’t be reimbursed during your TDY. We have the JTR knowledge and expertise so you can focus on what matters the most… your TDY!

We stay updated with the latest TDY allowable nightly lodging rate and TDY per diem rates for all military bases to ensure you never left with any out of pocket expenses. We update our rates automatically with changes in Fiscal Years and non-availability slips.


Yes, we offer cash referrals for any recommendations of our services! Contact us for more details on our referral program. We appreciate you taking care of us at Fox 3 CrashPads and we want to do the same for YOU!

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