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“Why is it so hard to find great long-term guests?”… This was the question my life revolved around using the various short-term rental sites.  I had no idea who was truly staying at my properties and the condition I would find at check-out.  As a former military member, I knew hosting service members would be the ideal solution to calm my worries.

Our goal is simple: to connect service members with excellent, well vetted Hosts, who value their time and properties.

– Charlie, Director, Fox 3 Lodging

Fox 3 Lodging

Fox 3 Lodging, was founded by an Air Force fighter pilot and property owner frustrated by the short term rental hustle and bustle game that often became a headache with every turnover.  He new hosting military members consistently over long-term stays would be the ideal and simple solution.  Unfortunately, the majority of hosting websites, from Airbnb to Furnished Finder, don’t qualify for reimbursable lodging for traveling service members, by the U.S. government.  Fox 3 Lodging was founded to fill this gap, connecting Hosts with traveling servicemembers, through exceptional customer service.

About Luke CrashPads
Our Mission | Luke CrashPads

To provide flexible and luxurious long-term lodging solutions for service members and Hosts across the United States.

The Fox 3 Lodging Difference

Fox 3 Lodging is the DoD’s (Department of Defense) premier travel placement agency focused exclusively on placing military personnel in long-term furnished luxurious lodging with exceptional hosts.  Our partnered Hosts pay us ZERO service fees, ZERO management amounts, and ZERO hosting charges… only our guests pay for our services.  Our Hosts are never locked into long term agreements, but only for the exact dates they are hosting our clients.  You, as the Host, are free to manage your property as you see fit and secure “outside” reservations before or after the dates you have contracted with Fox 3 Lodging.  The common response we hear from new Hosts is, “Wait, you are going to connect me with a highly responsible and dependable military member? Fox 3 Lodging will take care of all my payment requirements, and there is no charge to me???… this is amazing!”  We offer an unparalleled service through exceptional customer service.  We pay each month up front and payment is secured and funded by the U.S. government, so there is a never a question if our client will submit payment. 

Hosting with Fox 3 Lodging has never been easier!

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